May 21, 2018

its getting hot in here…. thank goodness kitbag has fans, and lots of them



Its getting hot in here….. lets take off all our clothes….


Fans! Fans! Fans! 



Its that time of year, you know the few weeks a year when the temperatures soar and suddenly Britain has summer, and just right at that moment, when the sun breaks through, we have a surge of customers who desperately need to call down their grow room.


Its just SO predictable!


So if you need a fan, we know you do, especially if you are growing in a loft or shed, its too hot, your plants will thank you for your generosity our simple to set up fans are here: 

You can order online, call us on 02476 641033 or pop in to us at Ptarmigan Place, Atlleborough Fields.

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