August 23, 2018

New Products from CBD RELIEVE

We are pleased to announce we now stock CBD RELIEVE PRODUCTS Here at the kitbag Trade counter.

The important thing to understand about the study into cannabis and its effects on the human body is the discovery of the Endocanabannoid System in the human body, here’s a low down…

CBD’s action inside the body

CBD or cannabidiol is the main active compound in hemp and unlike THC, it is not psychoactive, so it doesn’t make you high. As you may know, inside the human body there’s the endocannabinoid system, with receptors spread throughout the brain and body. THC activates the CB1 and CB2 receptors, while CBD does not directly stimulate these receptors.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many natural compounds found in the hemp plant, known collectively as cannabinoids. It is a natural organic non–psychoactive cannabinoid


What Is a Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Full spectrum normally refers to a ‘full plant’ extract. Some oils are produced by extracting CBD from the hemp seeds and others extract CBD from the full plant which can contain multiple compounds including CBDa, CBG and Terpenes


How Do I Use The Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Put a grain of rice size amount of CBD paste onto your finger and apply to the gums or under your tongue. Hold under the tongue for 60 seconds and then swallow. Repeat 1–2 times daily.

Due to the potent nature of this rich CBD oil, it has the texture of a thick paste. If needed, place the syringe in hot water for 30 seconds before administering to soften the oil.

For ease of use, this oil can be mixed with the same amount of organic coconut oil (or any carrier oil) and stored in a small pot or glass in the fridge. The mixture can then be taken directly from the pot, twice a day under the tongue and it will not require any further heating.


What Can CBD Be Used For?

CBD can help to maintain and support your health and a healthy lifestyle


What Is An Oral Tincture Liquid

A tincture liquid is designed to be dripped under your tongue. This is another method of administering CBD and is referred to as sublingual absorption. The CBD

Our tincture is flavourless in taste and has been formulated exclusively for us and is made using the highest quality ingredients available



Is CBD Legal In The UK?

Yes, Cannabidiol is a non–controlled substance in the UK and is classified as a food supplement. Analysis reports can be provided with every batch we produce demonstrating no trace of THC


What Is CBD E–Liquid?

An e–liquid is formulated for use with an electronic cigarette and has been formulated to include CBD in various strengths.


What Is a Topical Product?

Topical refers to a product which is applied externally. Our topical products include our 1000mg body balm and 200mg body oil


How Do I Apply Topical Products?

Apply on the skin liberally as required (It is advised to test a small amount on the skin before applying all over.)


Even after providing you with a low down, it is worth remembering in the UK CBD is sold as a food supplement and not a medicine