4″ Hobby Fan And Carbon Filter Kit 100mm

£47.50 inc VAT

4″ Fan And Carbon Filter fan Kit

This is a hobby grade set up more for moving smell than heat perfect for the smaller grower

The kit comes with

4″ carbon Filter

2 x Duct clips

3m of silver ducting pipe

4″ x Carbon filter

Fitted UK plug and cable


The perfect Fan and carbon filter set for a grow tent or grow room
Simple to set up includes everything you need to clean the air

RAM Inline Exhaust Fan 80m³/hr. Designed for use in-line in ventilation ducting. Includes 1.5m lead and mains plug for easy installation. 

Size : 100mm (4″) Power : 15 W 0.12 V Voltage : 220-240 V AC 50-60 Hz Dimensions : Length 111mm | Diameter 100mm
Ram Carbon filter Designed to remove smells from the air
Kit contains 
2x duty ties
1x Ram Carbon Filter 4″
1x Fan 4″ WITH UK Plug and cable
3 meters of silver duct pipe
Use the ducting to join the fan to the filer and secure with tie
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