CFL Hobby Grow Kit “Cheap to Run” Medium

£144.99 inc VAT

The Perfect Hobby Grow Kit

When you just want to grow a few plants with out all the cost and hassle.

This set up is perfect for just two indoor plants

Great for not costing much to run as its really cheap on the electricity.

Even better for indoor growing as cooler running so no heat to worry about.


CFL Hobby Grow Kit

This is the perfect entry level grow kit to get you into your new indoor hobby. CFL is the name of the model of light you will be using in this grow kit, its super energy efficient and powers at only 130w of electricity so there is not much difference between leaving the kitchen light on, so to speak! there is no heat build up to worry about.

This kit is so simple to use, yet you can get a seriously good result from it, CFL lights give off such a wide spectrum of light its almost impossible to fail with this set up. This kit is just perfect for the grower who wants just to do a few small plants in the comfort of there own home, like anything you can buy more but as for basics this will get you up and growing in know time at all.

What in the kit?

80 x 80 x 160cm Grow Tent with super silver lining to reflect the light around your plants

2 x 15L Plant Pots

1 x 50L Coco medium

1 x A&B Coco plant food by Hornet

1 x Reflector Hanger

1 x Dutch Reflector

1 x CFL 130w

1 x IEC cable with UK plug

The perfect beginner set up