Cherry Burst Room Air freshener Block “Smells so Good”

£9.99 inc VAT

It Just Smells Amazing

Perfect for any room around the house, office or in the car. This lovely smelling odour block works simply by taking the lid off and leaving in the smelly space. Customer also have been putting them into air vents like a tumble drier duct pipe so the hot air expels out the sweet smell of cherry’s and not the cheesy smelly socks smell! when you do this the blocks last for about two weeks but work really well.


Cherry Burst is the perfect air freshener for around the home, smells of lovely cherries, simple to use just pop the top off and place in your desired spot.

Odour Neutraliser works by capturing and neutralising malodourous volatile compounds in the air. Thus, bad smells are eliminated rather than simply masked, although the block does emit a pleasant aroma of cherries. ON solid blocks are perfect for placing in internal ventilation systems to eliminate odours.  Simply remove the lid and place in the target area.  For a more powerful effect, remove the block from the tub, place it in the lid, and position it where you need it – this exposes a greater surface area of the block, and so volatiles can be captured more rapidly.