Clonex Mist Spray 750ml cutting

£19.99 inc VAT

Only at Kitbagshop this amazing product breathes life back into your baby plants being cuttings or seedlings, it truly is worth its weight in gold and plants health.

Simple to use just spray it on the leaves every few days.


Clonex Mist is regarded as one of the best rooting compounds on the market to date. It is utilised by professional and amateur horticulturists across the globe, delivering extremely high success rates throughout propagation.

General Information

Clone Mist is easy to use and contains a huge quantity of rooting hormones which will stimulate faster rooting, as well as higher success rates.


  • Easy to use
  • Seals cut tissues instantly which eliminates risk of contamination.
  • Drastically accelerates rooting
  • Can be used alongside Root Riot or Clonex Gel

How to Use

Apply directly to cutting site.