co2 Fusion Spray 500ml Foliar Spray

£19.99 inc VAT

If your looking to add co2 to your grow room but your confused by it all?

CO2 Fusion 500ml makes it so easy, simply spray it onto your plants whenever you feel the need, so simple

In turn your plants will get all the co2 they need


CO2 Fusion Photosynthesis Stimulator 500ml spray on CO2

In Jurassic times ferns were huge due to very high atmospheric CO2 levels. Modern plants have evolved from these ferns to grow with lower CO2 levels. Spraying with CO2 fusion allows the plants leaves to reach the same level of CO2 saturation as in Jurassic times, resulting in bigger leaves and more plant available chemical energy. CO2 fusion is a unique combination of 100% NATURAL plant growth regulators and amino acid, delivered directly to the plants leaf in readily absorbed, stabilised CO2 infused mist.

So if your looking to add that really important co2 into your grow room, simply buy this a spray it on, when you want to, simple