Complete 600w Led Grow Tent Kit Set Up + ALL SIZES indoors hydroponics herb room (kit 315)

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Get Your Grow On!

This is a great Pro LED indoor grow tent set up, It has everything you need to grow few great plants

The tents are amazing quality made by Budda Room finshed with a silver lining, strong metal bars, heavy duty canvas and multi air vents

The Pro 600w LEDnow this is the clever part, The LED, gives out the same lumens as the original 600w hps grow lights, its very simple your going to save loads of money off your electricity bill compared to the old ways of growing with hps 600w grow lights with the added benefit of the same lighting, on the plus side there is no heat to worry about as these lights have built in cooling fans!

This is a full spectrum LED so every colour of sun light is going to be shining down on your plants. 

FREE = Full wire hanging kit 

60 Led Diode light

Size : 310x210x45mm

Voltage 85v-265v 50/60Hz UK Power Lead

Cable UK Plug

The Carbon filter fan kit, this works by removing any unwanted smells from inside your tent, it comes with an OX Filter, happy days!

Please read description for full list of items, photo is for illustration of kits

What’s included

Your Budda Room Grow Tent = Pick size?


1x Thermometer

1x Lumii Light Timer

1x Pro 600w Full Spectrum  Lumen Led Grow Light

1x 4″ Black Extractor Fan

1x 2m Sliver Duct Pipe

1x 4″ Carbon filter

2x Heavy Duty Ties

1x Formulex/Plant Start 100ml plant food

6x Soil plugs for seeds

3x 3L Plastic Pots

1x 10L Terra soil

Please note photo is for illustration purposes only (Terra Soil Included Not Terra Pro soil)