Flower Bomb 1L PGR for “Harder Flower Buds”

£99.99 inc VAT

If your looking to harden your flower buds or fruits

Flower Bomb helps add up to 30% more weight


Flower Bomb Product Details:

Want rock hard flower buds with loads more weight? Then try this PGR

Flower Bomb adds a lot of weight and can drastically reduce flowering time. Flower Bomb is one of the most powerful flower enhancers on the market. To get record breaking yields add Flower Bomb to your nutrient solution during weeks final weeks of the flowering period.

Effective in all growing mediums & systems.

How to use Flower Bomb

Add Flower Bomb to nutrient solution at 3ml per litre in re-circulating systems or 5ml per litre in run-to-waste gardens (eg soil and coco pots).

When to use Flower Bomb

Use in final weeks of the flowering period. Flower Bomb can also be used earlier to control the height of taller plants.

Flower Bomb is available in 1l sizes.

Key benefits of Flower Bomb

  • Helps plants support extra weight.
  • Prevents problems arising from disease, pests, fungal attacks and toxicity.
  • Improves tolerance to heat, cold and to over/under watering.

We highly recommend using a flush product after using this product try Canna Flush or Flawless Finish