Hornet Cali-Mag

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Hornet – King of the Cali Mag;

Staggering results made simple.
The brainchild of great growers from across the globe, some things in life are simple and this is one. Just by putting their heads together, their amazing knowledge, their essential ingredients and most of all their secrets, out comes on perfectly engineered superious additive to promote root growth.

Hornet Hydroponics Industries Cale Mag is a highly soluable form of Calcium & Magnesium for lush growth support.

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Calcium + Magnesium supplement for use with any grow system.

Dilution Ratio ; 1-2ml per L

Nitrogen (N) ; 2.9%
Calcium Oxide (CaO) ; 2.5%
Iron (Fe) chelated by EDTA ; 0.04%
Manganese (Mn) Chelated by EDTA ; 0.01%
Sinc (Zn) Chelated by EDTA ; 0.006%