Hornet Cali-Mag for “Stops Yellowing Leaves”

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Hornet – King of the Cali Mag; Have you got yellowing of the leaves?

Staggering results made simple.
The brainchild of great growers from across the globe, some things in life are simple and this is one. Just by putting their heads together, their amazing knowledge, their essential ingredients and most of all their secrets, out comes on perfectly engineered spurious additive to promote root growth.

Hornet Hydroponics Industries Cale Mag is a highly soluble form of Calcium & Magnesium for lush growth support.


The King of the Cali Mag is the best Calcium and Magnesium mixture ever made, not only using the highest graded supplements but the perfect mixture of the original form calmag, if it wasn’t for the “King of the Cali” growers around the world would still be struggling with plant health issues.

Depending on your plant and your water hardness Calimag is worth its weight in gold, So if you have yellowing of the leaves, a young plant with no vigor, cuttings that are slow in taking root, or generally slow vegging plant. Simply mix to your normal nutrient mix and feed as normal or foliar spray directly onto your leaves for fast results.

It is essential to use Cali Mag throughout vegetative growth and early flower. The amazing results can be seen with in a few days, as everything gets back moving within the plants cell walls and root delivery system, you can almost see the lush green running back into the veins of the plant, building it back up to amazing health ready for a cracking yield.


Shake well before use

SOIL/COIR: 1ml – 2ml per litre

HYDRO: 1ml -2ml per litre