Leaf Problems

Yellowing Leaves on younger plants = check room temperature is between 25-30 Degrees Celsius, pots aren’t drying out to much, if not add hornet cal mag    

Dark Green leaves = Check there not water logged, if so dry out and drain the media and then little by little refeed, check PH between 6 and 7 if to high to low buy Ph up or down

Leaf Burn = check room temperature if not, check feed strength feed plain water for a good few days and then add feed half strength for a week or so

Curling leaves = check PH, Light Hight should be around 30cm away, Check feed strength, check its not wind burn from fans blowing hot air


Problems With Your Leaves?

From time to time you will get problem leaves, if its the odd one or two its nothing to really worry about, its nature it happens, but always keep an eye on it.

Below is a simple plant deficiency guide for you to check out.

Please note its not always an easy fix as dark sagging leaves can be caused by over watering, reduce the water and let the pot dry out a bit.

Burnt tips, curling and crispy leaves can be caused by over feeding the nutrients and the feed mixture is to strong for this plant, feed the plant plain water for a few days it should clear up, then introduce your feed at a weaker mixture, maybe buy a EC meter listed in our shop.

Small patches and spotting could be a sign of spider mite or thrips, turn the leaf over and have a look for eggs or movement, then treat with one of our great pest control products, we even sell smoke bombs to kill them!

Disfigured leaves could be a sign of PH being to high or low, check it with one of our PH meters, along with curling could be wind burn, a very simple mistake when the plants are younger and your temperatures are running a little high, turn off air movement fans for a few days.

Then theres simple Plant Deficiency’s that happen from time to time with different kinds of plants, This is normally a simple fix just add “King of the Cali Mag” made by Hornet it fixes pretty much all deficiency in one simple hit www.hornethydroponics.co.uk