PRO7 Coco Perlite 70/30 Professional Mix 50L Bag

£15.99 inc VAT

The highest grade mix of 70/30 Coco and Perlite on the hydroponic market. Its clean, finest grade and pest free. the perfect blend for all expert growers

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Jiffy PRO 7 Coco 70/30 Perlite Mix

1x 50L Bag

This is the finest grade of coco fibre you can get, you do pay a little extra for a the quality of this coco as it is sieved to remove unsightly chunks bits and bobs! also pest free

PRO7 COCO is produced by Jiffy, a world-renowned brand, supplying constantly high-quality premium substrates for both beginners and expert gardeners for over 60 years.

Its coco plantations and processing facilities based in Sri Lanka are world leading & ISO 22000 – certified thus guaranteeing salt-free, and low EC level in all products.  Producing constant homogeneity throughout the whole product range, all to the high RHP quality standard, product after product.

A Coco/Perlite 70/30 mix ideal for growers seeking a high-performance light, aerated substrate.

PRO7 COCO 70/30 Mix contains a combination of two high quality substrates:  70% RHP Certified coco pith mixed fibre substrate with excellent air and water retention properties and 30% perlite.  Washed/buffered and charged with added trace elements and beneficial’s to aid faster rooting and developing stronger plants. This high-performance light, aerated substrate is well suited for growing short cycle and fast growing plants in pots and recirculation systems.

Our fully buffered coco is really easy to use and is a universal substrate for both the growth stage as well as the flowering stage.  The addition of perlite provides a lightness to the media and an air rich substrate that improves drainage, encourages beneficial bacteria colonisation and has a stable pH.  All this gives you the perfect base to develop the perfect root structure with fast development and strong plants that are better resistant to high temperatures and superior yields of mouth-watering quality.

Benefits of PRO7 COCO 70/30
•Enriched coco/perlite mix, ideal for propagation or long-term hand watering propagation – speeding up root development.
•Hand-watering, as it reduces the risks of over-watering.
•Higher yield from stronger, better established plants.
•Improved root health/growth means stronger plants.
•Better rootzone temperature control, aiding growth in young plants.
•Peat Free.
•Premium Quality RHP washed and buffered coco.
•Low watering frequency needed.
PRO7 COCO bagged substrate has an open, natural fibre structure thus providing improved air retention properties. It is suitable for all types of cultures, outdoors and indoors.

Technical specification
Media: 70% mixed fibre Coco Pith, 30% perlite
Compressed: No, ready to use out of the bag
RHP: Yes
Buffered: Yes
Pre fertilised: No
Volume (loose fill): 50L (13.2 gal)
Ph: 5.8 (1:1,5)
EC: 0.1 (mS/cm 1:1,5)
Bag weight: 14.5kg approx