Re Fill Next Stage Kit for Growers

£32.99 inc VAT

This is the next stage top up kit for our complete grow kits, when your plants are starting to out grow there pots this it just what they need.

3 x 15L Plastic Plant Pots

1 x 5oL Coco medium

1 x Set of Hornet Coco A&B 1L



So if you have brought one of a our complete grow kits off our website or eBay, you maybe now at the stage to re pot those growing plants you have?

You will need bigger pots and coco media and feed to get the most out of your thriving plants.

In this purchase you will get

3 x 15L round plastic plant pots

1 x Set of the world famous Hornet Coco A&B plant feed

1 x 50L bag of the finest Coco media to fill up those pots.

All one simple sale to get your grow moving on