Starter Feed Pack Hornet Coco “Amazing Results”

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The Perfect feed pack has landed.

When you want the best buy the best, The Hornet feed pack will give any grower a massive yield, follow there free feed chart from California the rest is simple!

We fully understand how hard it is to chose which nutrient to go for when you first set out on your new journey into indoor growing. So we have made your life easy its our best seller. Hornet Hydroponics industry’s in our eyes the leading brand to go for, its tried, tested and loved by hundreds of our customers far and wide. This starer pack covers all angles of your grow, from the problem solver Cali Mag, to roots, Plant enzymes, plant boosters, plant health, plant weight. Its the winning brand!


When you have tried the rest but your still looking for the best
Staggering Results made Simple
The brainchild of the greatest growers from around the world, Some things in life are simple and this is one, the holly grail of growers. Just by putting there heads together, there amazing knowledge, there essential ingredients and most of all there secrets, out comes the one only Hornet Hydroponics plant feed, perfectly engineered superior plant nutrients.
So We Have a Complete Feed Range with Simple to use Free feed chart 
As follows 

Hornet Coco A+B Plant Nutrients 1L Set 

Thanks to the special characteristics of coco substrate HORNET COCO doesn’t have a Vega and Flores variant, but there is one unique formulation for both the growth and blooming phase. We can’t make things easier! HORNET COCO A+B is so easy to use, dissolves directly into tap water at a rate of 4mls of each per liter it is extremely suitable for growing in all watering systems, like for example ‘run-to-waste’ systems, flood systems and ebb and flow systems, or just a plant pot. A great mixture of fertilisers for amazing indoor plants
Super Roots 250ml
The name says it all, get your plants off to the very best start in life, bigger the roots, the stronger the plant, the better the final yield will be, Starting off from 1ml up to 4ml just mixed with your tap water, its full of Nitrogen,Phosphorous,Potassium and the Hornet secret ingredient, In turn you will see amazing roots
King of The Cali Mag 250ml
This stuff is amazing, Use for the first few weeks of early growth a highly soluble form of Calcium and Magnesium helps with the uptake of nutrients to the plants system, keeps your plants looking nice and healthy and green, can also be used as additive for weaker looking plants if ever there leaves look a little yellow. This is not on the Hornet feed chart as depending on your water quality you may not need it.
Add this little fellow at a rate of 1 too 2ml from start to finish to protect the important root zone Super Roots has created, teaming with beneficial microbes eating there way through the older roots turning them into natural food, this is an amazing product, Growers who have never used such a product are amazed by their new success rate in a quality plant and stunning yield.
Super Boost 250ml
Every wondered how a plant gets its taste, sweet sugars and lovely smell, well this is it, Super Boost it works like carbs every time you add them to the feed the plant puts it on and gains massively from it, targeting the flower sites this will give you the most from any plant.
Original 250ml
Just like the original old school mix of PK 13/14 this is where the weight and density of  the fruit comes from, Simply adding this to the plants feed in the last few weeks of flower it will start to make dramatic effect on your finishing fruits, setting them slightly harder than normal with the benefit of holding onto its much needed weight, the idea is to introduce this slowly, this is because it is a really strong additive with amazing effects.