The LED “Godfather” Grow Kit complete set up 1.2


The all in one 720w LED grow kit

Everything you need to grow from start to finish!

This is the God father of grow kits, here at kitbagshop, we strive to give you the best deals in the whole UK and this is the best we have ever had on offer.

This kit has everything, the best 720w bar led that everyone is going mad for, its a real deal a real game changer to growing indoors at home. You have full control over everything the fan is two speed and the 720w LED is fully controllable with a turn of the dial from 250w 400w 600w 720w options of power usage.

You will get the all the right products designed for the job in hand, you will get an amazing success with a super bumper yield by using this kit, you get everything from pots too trays, from fans too filters, you name it, it has it! please see the longest list of products included and yes you get everything!


This grow kit is the Godfather it covers everything you need to get your grow on!

From plant feeds to light
Please see the list below as pictured,

1x Lumii LED Light Kit 720w = Runs at either 250w 400w  600w and 720w total control of power usage from light
Complete Power Pack

8x Jiffy peat plugs = Start seeds off in these just add some water
4x 35cm Trays = To stop water spills
4x 15L Plant pots = The most common size for home grown plants
1x 10L Clay Pebbles = Place in the bottom of all your plant pots for drainage
1x 50L Canna Coco = To fill up your plant pots
1x A+B 1L Hornet Coco Feed = Only the best plant feed for you plants health add to water
1x 250ml PK 13/14 = Use towards to end of your grow for heaver fruits add to water
1x Black intake fan 4″ = Brings fresh air into the grow tent = from bottom vent
1x Ox Carbon Filter Fan Kit 4″ = Removes all heat and smells from your grow tent = from top vent
Complete with Carbon filter, Inline Fan, Clips and Silver Duct Pipe
2x Meters of Chain = For hanging filter and fan
1x Ratchets = For hanging the light reflector
1x Clip on 6″ Fan = This moves the air around your plants and makes them stronger
1x Duty Timer = For turning your light on and off in Flower and Veg
1x Thermometer = Keeps a eye on your Temperatures
1x Budda Room Grow Tent = Only the Best grow tent for your grow

So this has to be the very best complete grow kit we have listed, It does have everything from start to finish