January 15, 2024

The Perfect Temperature and Humidity

  1. Seedling Stage

This is the stage where the plant’s seedlings or Cloning develop roots. At this stage, seedlings are fragile and long for rich hydration. Therefore, a high humidity level is crucial for nourishing seedlings and promoting root development.

High grow room humidity: 75-85%

Day temperature (lights on): 70–85°F

Night temperature (lights off): 65–80°F 

  1. Vegetative Stage

You should lower the humidity level to prevent issues like soggy roots and nutrient lockout once your plants move into the vegetative stage. In that case, your plant is more likely to develop stronger roots and perform efficient leafy growth and stem elongation. 

Medium grow room humidity: 45-55%. Gradually lower the humidity level as the plants move to the flowering stage but don’t do anything under 40%. 

Day temperature (lights on): 70–85°F  

Night temperature (lights off): 60-75°F

  1. Flowering Stage

Both the humidity level and ideal temp for flowering stage should be dropped down.  A decreased humidity level during this stage can effectively prevent mold and mildew from growing up.  

Low grow room humidity: 35-45%. It could be as low as 30% in some cases even. 

Day temperature (lights on): 65-84°F. It is important to avoid high temperatures exceeding 84°F, particularly in the latter half of the flowering phase.  

Night temperature (lights off): 60-75°F

  1. Late Flowering Stage

1-2 weeks before finish, lowering humidity encourages plant production and protects against mold, mildew, and rot. 

Low grow tent humidity: 30-40%

Day temperature (lights on):  64-75°F

Night temperature (lights off): 60-68°F