April 12, 2024

What is a Timer Contactor?

“You need a Timer Contactor or Timer Relay” your mate says, you say “why whats that”?

It is a very simple piece of growing equipment, yet worth its weight in gold for beginners trying to work out there new set up.

So you have more than two grow lights in your set up and you want to turn them all on at the same time, simple you think! you go to buy two normal timers for a tenner from your local hard wear shop, but the very next day you grow into your grow room, and the lights are off but the timer is set, whats going on? you think!

Well just as your mate said you need a timer contactor, you can turn on 1 too 24 grow lights on with one of our timer contactors, the one in the picture does 8 lights, the beauty of this product its highly power rated, so it wont blow the fuse board, yet is a safety devise, most can be run from a double plug socket, so there is no need for loads of extension leads all over the room floor. A contactor can turn a two plug point into a eight way plug point, but it does it properly and with safety in mind. Simple plug it all together and set the timer “Bingo” the lights come on and off all at the same time with out blowing the fuse board.