June 29, 2018

Top Tips To Cool down your Grow room. Heatwave Handy Hints

As soon as spring hits us, we have a steady flow of customers asking for help, how to cool down the grow room…


The main thing is to not panic, here are the quickest solutions


Not a cooling tip but more a growing tip for higher temperatures, is if you incorporate silicon with your normal feed you will be able to grow your plants in hotter conditions.

This is due to the silicon as it helps your plants to become more resilient and remain healthy even if your temperatures rise up to 40c

Vitalink Chill

Vitalink Chill is an amazing product – VitaLink Chill is designed to encourage plants to not only cope when temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius but to thrive in these environmental conditions.

Key Features: Protects against heat stress, Prevents flower abortion, Allows side shoots to grow on, Produces more growth hormone
Dosage: 0.3-0.5ml/1L Chill can also be used as a foliar application, use 5ml/1L on a weekly basis. – Available in 250ml & 1L.

Fan system

Have you got enough airflow with the fan you have installed? A 4″ fan will work okay in a 1.2×1.2 Tent, but, you will see a huge improvement using a 5″ fan instead! –

The 4″ fan will lose power with the attachment of the carbon filter, reducing the air level required, so do consider that upgrade to a 5″ fan.

Air Movement

A regular household fan, be it a pedestal, clip on or floor fan, will help circulate air within your room, or even outside it! The air movement, especially if you can afford to open a window to get fresh air into your home, will help your intake fan suck in cooler air….


Air Cooled Light Hood

We stock two styles of reflector/light shade which dramatically improve heat in grow rooms, The Lumii Aerotube and our Air Cooled Hood, both these systems allow you to attach your fan to the shade with ducting, pulling or pushing the heat off the bulb.

Dim-able Ballasts

You can always reduce heat by dimming your ballast from 600 watt to 400 watt on the hottest days if you have a dim-able ballast! Ours start from just £64.99.

If you can have your lighting ballasts and all your electrical devices or grow room control board for example outside of the actual growing area, this can help to keep temperatures much more manageable.


Co2 helps to keep your temperatures lower than normal but the usage of Co2 can be tricky. But Co2 only really helps to cool the environment when temperatures exceed normal temperatures. Higher Temperature is Okay – Maintaining 1200-1500 PPM (part per million) of CO2 in the grow area allows growers to keep temperatures much higher than normal. For growers with hot bright lights, this makes it easier to keep temps at a range their plants will like Co2 – We sell the Co2 Bags and also the new Airbomz system


CMH lights the latest on the market, throw LED light systems out the window. Giving you more light at a better spectrum with reduced elctricity use means although the initial outlay seems steep, the bulbs last up to two years, so there are savings.

Air Coolers/Conditioners

An air conditioning unit, or an air cooler (a cheaper version which uses water and ice packs to humidify the air) are a last resort if all these other options fail, You will be looking at £100+ for a decent Air cooler – which will need refilling every six hours with the humidity button on, air conditioning units are at least £250+