January 21, 2019

Will CBD (Cannabidol) react with any prescription medicines I take?

We always advise you talk to your GP if you are considering trying a herbal remedy or food supplement, to make sure there are not any unwanted reactions or interactions with prescriptions you might be taking.

As a rule, if you take any medication where you are not allowed Grapefruit this may mean CBD is not for you, at least whilst you are taking that prescription.

(However We know a few people using CBD with NO ill effects that should avoid grapefruit, so PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR GP!!!)

One website that may help you make decisions is this one Drugs Interactions   You type in your prescription details and it will give you any information on the data base about reactions with cannabidol.

We still advise if you have prescriptions to talk to your GP about this amazing Food Supplement that seems to help so many folks to feel well.