Cherry Burst Air Freshener “Room Spray” Odour Neutralising

£6.99 inc VAT

The best smelling air freshener I’ve smelt in a long time! the smell really lingers for hours later, super sized can 750ml with a blaster nozzle


Smells Amazing

Odour Neutraliser works by capturing and neutralising malodourous volatile compounds in the air. Thus, bad smells are eliminated rather than simply masked, although the spray does emit a sweet aroma of cherries. Shake the can, and simply spray short bursts into the air of the affected space. Bad odours will be neutralised, leaving behind a faint hint of cherries. 

Key selling points:  

  • Powerful odour elimination!  A small spray goes a long way 
  • Monster sized, 750ml canister lasts a long time 
  • Pleasant, sweet cherry aroma 

Technical Specifications: