GHE T.A. Finish Was Ripen 1L Final Part Finisher

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This is the old school GHE Ripen, all the same ingredients just re branded, now called Finish from T.A

It works exactly the same and gives you the same fantastic results in yield and taste, made from super micro nutrients when the plant gets near to finish but you are looking for the last push in the last few weeks.

Ripen was always one of the best finishers back in the days , nothing has changed they got it right years ago, when a plant stops feeding in the final weeks give it some micro nutrients that are up taken when others are not.

Adds extra weight flavours and taste


Terra Aquatica Final Part

Finish with the best. This late flowering stimulant sends signals to the plant that it is nearing the end of its life, causing it to take action. The plant accelerates ripening, fortifies itself, and increases essential oil.

Final Part also provides easy-to-absorb mineral salts for prime growth.

Utilises stored nutrients

Plants store nutrients in their roots and seeds as an “emergency supply”: this comes in useful during winter when sunlight is limited and plants photosynthesise less.

However, it might not be all that useful if you’re looking for results now. Final Part signals to a plant that it is coming towards the end of its life and encourages it to use this store of food. Thanks to this, growers will see rapid growth and dramatically increased weight of fruits and flowers right up until the end.

Can recover plants in danger

Whether it’s pH or poor weather, malnutrition or mites – sometimes your plants just don’t reach their full potential. If results haven’t been as you hoped, the components active in Final Part can help provide one final, dramatic boost.

Similarly, Final Part can save your garden from upcoming cold weather or the effects of a serious infestation. If you sense your plants are in danger, Final Part can allow you to accelerate the final stages of growth and recover yields that might otherwise have been lost.

Complete 1 part nutrient

Final Part comes in one single bottle – it couldn’t be easier to use. The solution is versatile enough to use in soil, hydro, or coco. Beginners and more experienced growers alike will appreciate this fast, one-part liquid nutrient.

How to use Terra Aquatica Final Part?

Shake well before use. Always use Terra Aquatica Final Part alone.

In soil: Add 4ml per litre of Final Part to your pH-adjusted water. Make sure that the EC remains the same or slightly higher (up to 2.0). Apply every other day and feed with water in between. Continue until you are satisfied with the results, or until leaf yellowing occurs – this should take between 10 and 20 days.

In hydroponics: Add 5ml per litre of Final Part to your pre-filled, pH-adjusted tank. Ensure that the dilution rate matches or slightly exceeds your previous EC (up to 2.6). Mix well. Run as needed: we recommend about 10 days.

Why choose Terra Aquatica Final Part?

  • Late blooming stage nutrient;
  • Controls and accelerates ripening;
  • Helps to remove toxins;
  • Encourages plants to use stored nutrients;
  • Requires no additional boosters;
  • Best-selling product from Terra Aquatica.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Terra Aquatica