isomax 150/410m2 Extractor Fan

£274.99 inc VAT

When your looking for a silent extractor fan, Check out this Isomax it is the name you have been looking for, they look a little different but they do work the same as any other extractor fan even down to the fitting, but they work there own magic which is what the other extractor fans just can not do they move a lot of unwanted air as quite as possible.


Isomax Acoustic Fans Product Details:

Its a Quite Fans for starters and thats why it costs so much compared to other extractor fans, You are paying the price for quality and silence, We have to say they are amazing and we are sure your feel the same once you get one up and running.

Isomax are totally unique tube style fans, designed to be efficient, powerful and yet quiet in operation. Isomax uses the stator-rotor system that enables it to be efficient both in air performance and power consumption. Isomax are unique in that they are both a fan and an integrated silencer. It has a full metal housing and for noise-reduction a special type of foam is added, It’s low weight, strong air performance and quietness makes Isomax the most advanced choice for a grow room ventilation.

Isomax Fans utilise the low energy and high performance motor of the Ruck Etaline fan series. These motors are capable of delivering large volumes of air, even when carbon filters and complicated ducing systems are installed. Built around aerodynamic efficiency, the Etaline motor is situated inside a sealed, acoustically designed, silenced housing. This not only insulates the noise from the motor and air movement, but also provides hanging points at either end for easy mounting. The overall result is a surprisingly lightweight and powerful fan that keeps noise to a minimum.

The Isomax 150 have an integrated 3 speed controller.