How Do I Set A Fan Kit Up?


How do I set up my fan kit?

Seeing is believing, the picture probably shows you from the off? but if not we will try to explain.

The carbon filter is fitted to the highest point of your grow room, this is because heat rises and so do smells. Normally hung with chain or ratchets straps. Once hung you will find your fan and carbon filter openings are exactly the same size, so they do not push together as expected, you see, you use a small piece of ducting pipe to join them together, from one to the other I would say about 25cm, along with clips or tape to fix together, then simply attach the fan in the same way with the remanding ducting on the exit side of the fan, then guide it up and out your grow tent. You may need to also hang your fan with chain or ratchets although some leave them on the outside of there tent or room and sit them up there.

Note : the fan has to be sucking the air though the carbon filter and out the tent/room