L.E.D Kit (478)

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Led growing has become popular for a variety of reasons from saving space, to saving electricity.

Using an Led grow light involves much less heat than a traditional HID lighting solution, as such can be done in smaller spaces with less extraction and using less power.

The Complete LED Grow Kit Contains as follows

What size tent will you pick???

60x60x140cm Budda Room

80x80x180cm Budda Room

120x120x200cm Budda Room

1x Grow Tent = Some of the best grow tents on the UK market!

Made from 600d Canvas with Silver Reflective lining, Several ports and Vents, Strong Frame, Zipper and Corners, perfect for growing indoors

1x Turbo Extractor Fan Kit = stops the smell

 Size = 100mm 4″

 Contains = Pro Carbon Filter, Ducting, Duct Clips and Turbo Extractor Fan

1x Black Inline fan

 Size = 100mm 4″

1x LED Grow Light 

UK Plug model for Safety works perfectly for Grow and Bud,

Fitted with a UK Plug, Duel Spec LED (600w Model) but runs at 75% less than a 600w hps so there is massive saving on power and heat,

With 60x mini cob LED lights, cooling fan to the rear, and a simple to operate (on/off switch) this is the one to save you loads of money on power but still a great yield

300mm long 220mm wide 60mm deep

FREE = Full wire hanging kit (fixed height)

Half a bag 25L of Coco Coir fibre See amazing plant growth when using in pots instead of normal soil 

4x Medium Plant Pots used for great air growth in root system of all plants

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