January 15, 2024

A Basic Fan Kit Set up

The idea of a fan and carbon filter fan kit is, to remove heat, odor and damp/dry air from your grow room or tent.

On the plus size getting the fan and filter set up correctly will improve your plants growth in turn an increase yield. The fan is always placed as highest point possible in the grow room or tent, as heat rises so the air it is taken from the hottest part.

Humidity also rises when the lights go out, so we recommend the fan to be left turned on in lights out, to help stop mold and damp patches around the room. “Please note damp does damage carbon filters so keep an eye on to much humidity” if so restrict water or cover.

The air is sucked though the carbon filter into the fan and then out of the grow space.

“please note when fitting” due to fans and carbon filter openings ends being the same size “equal” the ducting pipe is used to joining them one to the other.